Dare to Care: Pet Dragon

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If you too have ever wanted to have a pet dragon, then this is the book for you!

A spectacular and fun spoof pet-care guide to dragons with everything you would ever need; taking your dragon to the vets, how to groom your dragon, teaching it to fly.

Written by Sally Symes and illustrated by M.P Robertson, published by Frances Lincoln it is now available in paper back at £6.99 or for a gift in hardback at £11.99.

There are pages of fun facts, such as  what to give your dragon to eat and what is not so good, brussel sprouts for instance are a complete No!

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When it comes to grooming the illustrations are really good and include a tiler fixing the scales, a chimney sweep for the fire and smoke places and much more.

Great team work on this book and makes an excellent book for children aged from 5 and above. It’s part of a series about dragons and includes  The Egg and the Dragon Snatcher.

Sue Martin


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