TwThe Twilight effect has taken children’s books into another world, not just literally either. The saga and series of books are written by  Stephenie Meyer – TwilightNew MoonEclipse and Breaking Dawn, published by Atom Books of the Little, Brown Book Group have sold in epic proportions.

The films Twilight and New Moon are also available on DVD and they make chilling viewing.

But one of the real successes of the book is how a love story and other stories are interwoven in the framework of vampires and evil, a world Bella stumbles into. Once there, it seems like there is no escape…..

You may not find the books in the children’s section any longer. That’s mainly because so many ‘grown ups’ are now reading them. But what teenager would want to walk in to a children’s section with Thomas the Tank Engine and The Gruffalo.This series is a stunnning new approach and brings you to a supernatural world, mixed with romance and a large portion of suspense.

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The books are available at great price today. So why not start at the beginning with Twilight and start reading. I guess you will not be able to put them down.

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