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Human BodyTwo great books in this new series from QED Publishers. A Journey Through the Human Body, and A Journey Through Space are written by award winning author Steve Parker and illustrated by John Haslam.

The Human Body starts what it means to be human, why we are different to other animals and then takes a journey through the main functions of the body; breathing and the journey of air and into the blood stream, the journey of food. Mmmmm…, the journey of thoughts and the brain and the central nervous system. A real journey and once you’ve read the book there is not much more that you would need to know!

A Journey Through Space will see you take a journey from your doorstep into outer space!

Find your way through the Solar System, explore craters on Mars, journey through towards the Sun.Space

Both books have a wonderful poster in the book cover and are excellent non fiction books for children in school and at home. We recommend for ages 6 and upwards.

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