Apps and iPads – The Future will be here very soon.

ipadWhatever you may feel about the idea of books being downloadable, there is something amazing about accessing such a wealth of material at arms length.

We are very interested in the whole thing, but can never quite see a world without the actual book, the real printed thing, that is!

The implications for learning are phenomenal and two organisations are already on the way for producing some interactive material that will encourage all students of any age and ability.

kiwaAt the London Book Fair we met with Kiwa Media . The Apps they had already loaded in their iPad were excellent, including many features,such as voicing the actual words, spelling and meanings, a range of languages too.

Handling an iPad was great, it felt like a tool that you could easily work with. The way that the touch screen operates means that it is just as intuitive as an iPhone. Even 2 year olds can work them!

ncNew on the block is also is Nosy Crow , a brand-new independent company, creating children’s books and apps .They have number of authors and illustrators working with them and are keen to find new talent.

When the iPads make it to the market at the end of May it will be the start of the future. We don’t feel that the book will be replaced but its no good being an ostrich.

At Dolphin Booksellers we are looking to buy and finding our way into the future.

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